This is what I do.

Anthony Marshall Artist/Photographer Practitioner 


 I have worked and sometimes taught as a professional artist/photographer. My work has been exhibited in painters’ galleries around the UK, Saatchi Art, Tregoning Fine Art, The Barbican, also undertaking numerous art and design projects with multinational companies, national museums and private art collections including Chatsworth, and RIBA. My Artworks are collected in many parts of the world.

A few years ago when I moved to my present home in the Peak District National Park in Derbyshire. I took the opportunity to explore a new art project "Improvising with Light".  I would like to share with you some of the thoughts and ideas behind this exploration.

I have listened to jazz since I was a boy, it was the improvisations that excited me, the ability to spontaneously move in and around the original theme with apparent effortless ease, or so it seemed!  ''Henri Cartier-Bresson said “ The camera is a sketch book, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity". At the heart of my work is the creation of an archive of abstract paintings, drawings and photo-sketches, I call them photo-sketches because none of the images at this stage would stand alone as an individual piece of work, they will only make sense when combined with each other. Although many of my works start with a photograph I think like a painter, my compositions are minimalist and use the visual language of shape, form, texture and colour, improvising with the light on any given day (Complex Simplicity). Serendipity also plays its part in these interpretations, you can never be sure how different sketches will work together, experimentation is the key and sometimes it creates happy accidents, through which to highlight and accentuate the transient moment of light. I have been influenced by diverse locations exploring elements of the organic world, endeavouring to cast a sensitive eye whilst maintaining a sense of distance.