The Process

Improvising With Light

Posted by Anthony Marshall on Nov 03, 2017

The Process (Improvising With Light)

My Artworks utilise experimental digital photography blended together with painting and drawing as a hybrid medium using an iPad Pro and six commercially available apps. I am not trying to create a representation of what’s before me, but an interpretation. At the heart of my work is the creation of an archive of abstract paintings, drawings and photo-sketches. I call them photo-sketches because none of the images at this stage would stand alone as an individual piece of work, they will only make sense when combined with each other. Many of the artworks you see here are a blending of multiple images gathered over an extended period of time. Although many of my works start with a photograph I think like a painter, my compositions are minimalist and use the visual language of shape, form, texture and colour, improvising with the light on any given day (Complex Simplicity). Serendipity also plays its part in these interpretations, you can never be sure how different sketches will work together, experimentation is the key and sometimes it creates happy accidents, through which to highlight and accentuate the transient moment of light.

Anthony Marshall “Reflections 5” 80x80cm Hybrid Media on Textured
Aluminium. Victoria Quays, Sheffield.

Working with the iPad has completely changed the way I think about creating art. fundamentally it's about fluidity and the direct connection between my brain and fingers letting your unconscious mind take over to intuitively concentrate on your own creativity. I have considerable experience in working digitally, but some of the well known softwares have for me become increasingly complex, slow and cumbersome. Each time you stop to think through the next series of technical moves is detrimental to your creativity by breaking the fluidity of the moment, Working with the iPad gives you a sense of unity between hand eye and brain, allowing you to develop your image ideas in a less complex digital environment.

Anthony Marshall “Reflections 6” 60x60cm Hybrid Media on Water Colour
Paper. Victoria Quays, Sheffield.


The underlying narrative to many of my artworks is one of conservation. “Anthropocene” denotes our current geological age as for the first time in our history man is adversely affecting our planet. We have a limited time to correct these mistakes and it is sobering to think that during the lifetime of the children currently attending primary school we will pass the point of no return when many of the problems we have created cannot be undone.

My next blog will be “Architectural Abstracts”

Anthony Marshall “CityArt 1” 80x80cm Hybrid Media on Canvas
Sheffield University.

Contemporary architecture has fascinated me for many years and I endeavour to find small elements of design from the facades of contemporary buildings, then bring these elements together to create abstract artworks I call “CityArt”. Many of these buildings are constructed of steel and glass so I can continue my exploration of reflections. It depends on the design elements of each of the buildings as to whether I make my artworks from an individual piece of architecture, or explore multiple buildings in the same area or City.

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